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3D High Heel Shoes sugarcraft cutter, former & mould set

BEING DISCONTINUED - sadly, due to an influx of cheap copies from China, Cake Structure are no longer able to produce these excellent products so what you see here are the very last, quite possibly anywhere - so be quick before they're gone for good!

We've secured the very last of these, the original Cake Structure High Heel Shoe Kits. These are being replaced by the new Deluxe 3D High Heel Shoe Kit

This (and the Cowboy Boot kit) are our new favourite toys - the quality is FANTASTIC . . .

  • create highly detailed and stunningly accurate stilleto style high heels cake toppers
  • from our friends Cake Structure across the pond in Michigan, USA
  • the real value in this item lies in the exceptionally well designed and engineered parts - this is what gives the finished model it's amazingly accurate and neat appearance
  • our customers tell us this is better quality than the Lisa Mansour / New York Cake kit you may see elsewhere and it includes a metal sole cutter which is not included with the Lisa Mansour kit
  • use the templates provided to cut out shaped sugarpaste pieces - a PME cutting wheel or craft knife is ideal
  • add the new 5 piece stainless steel cutter set - which replaces the design templates
  • the shape of the former matches perfectly with the drying ramp and this is what makes Cake Structure so much better than cheaper brands - the sole of the stiletto dries to the exact shape and angle required
  • use the heel mold to create the heel which, again, is the perfect shape and height to match the sole - a very sexy 5 inches high
  • if you want, run a PME quilting wheel around joins to look like stitching in the leather - although the girls here at Cake Stuff tell me you would never see stitching on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes !?!?!
  • different templates allow you to create various toe and heel strap designs
  • PLEASE NOTE the toe former may seem slightly too large but this is deliberate - after using the sole cutter, you may need to either gently stretch the cutter to widen it or gently roll out the paste very slightly to make the sole a tiny bit wider - this will accommodate the toe former. We acknowledge that it's not obvious when you watch the video and we have brought this to the manufacturers' attention - we think the tooling for the sole cutter has been replaced during the past couple of years and this has resulted in the cutter being very slightly narrower than before
  • finished shoe is approx life size US size 7 - UK size 4.5 to 5
  • not cheap, we realise, but think of as an investment - you'll be able to make hundreds of cake tops with this kit - each one selling for £10, £25, £50???
  • look on Facebook etc and you'll see hundreds of cake makers selling cakes on the strength of these fabulous cake toppers
  • as rare as hens' teeth in the UK and as official Scottish Cake Structure distributors, we are absolutely delighted to be able to offer these to our customers
  • watch the video for a great overview
  • Cake Stuff customer TIPS: for heel use gum paste / place in freezer for 15 minutes as it makes it easier to release

High Heel Shoe kit includes . . .

  • metal sole shaped cutter
  • top quality food-approved silicone heel mould
  • patented design high heel shoe polystyrene drying ramp
  • plastic toe strap former
  • heel strap former
  • detailed instructions
  • 4 cut-out templates to create heel strap and 3 different toe straps
  • seriously limited stock - produced in small quantities so each shipment from the USA sells almost instantly
  • replacement & additional parts available too
  • gorgeously retail gift boxed with detailed instructions - looks like a pair of very expensive heels!
  • makes a fantastic gift for any cake decorator
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