Americolor Flo-Coat 2oz/56.7g

Americolor Flo-Coat 2oz/56.7g

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Flo-Coat turns water into oil!

Flo-Coat is a food colouring agent that allows you to use any of AmeriColor’s Soft Gel Pastes to colour white chocolate and compound coatings.
The ratio is 5 parts of Flo-Coat to 1 part of Soft Gel Paste

To Colour Compound Coating:
» Melt 1lb (453.5g) of compound coating, then add 1 ½ Tablespoons of Flo-Coat and 1 Teaspoon of Soft Gel Paste onto the Flo-Coat and mix thoroughly.
The Flo-Coat will smoothly and evenly disperse the Soft Gel Paste into the coating, resulting in a smooth and pourable consistency. As you proceed with your work and find that your coating is beginning to set up, add more Flo-Coat to keep it liquefied. Flo-Coat will not harm your coating regardless of the quantity used to maintain your desired consistency.

Flo-Coat will enable you to realize the maximum yield from your batch of coating resulting in a savings by eliminating lost batches. Flo-Coat provides a firm texture, beautiful shine, and greatly improves mould release. Flo-Coat is a wonderful candy making aid that allows you to use any of the 41 Soft Gel Paste colours to achieve your most demanding compound coating colouring needs, while making your task a great deal easier.
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